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Csaba Palotai


I have some 30 years CAD experience, beginning with 3D SOLID & 2D GD&T of my own creation software. I was using it for designing automobile engine parts, for GM. I was switching to ACAD early 1990's, made all of the ACAD drawings for monorail coaches put in service in Las Vegas, then inspection equipment in ACAD AME ( 3D SOLID with 2D extracted drawings). Also designed assembly machine for ENERGIZER AA battery. In 2000, I was making the initial CAD drawings for the first largest ever GE Jet engine, standard on Airbus now. I switched over to SOLIDEDGE to design complex castings for steam handling equipment and machines. This continued in SOLIDWORKS 2002. I was designing and making very complex SOLIDWORKS models of propellers, wings, winglets, inreactor parts, instruments, GD&T inspection gages and very complex castings. I was also redesigning large, complex machines of hundreds of parts with fully integrated BOMs; and converted intricate large castings to heavy plate including pattern. I was also doing solid modelling of computerized assemblies in MRI systems, including shapes encapsulating human body for MRI.


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