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Beware the NeoClassical Synthesis-Jens C. Zorn Phd.


After 17 years with military prime contractors working as an analyst with Marketing and Advanced Design and New Products I spent 13 years getting the rackets quieted down. My last 18 years has been as an artist working with 3D modelling software of consumer interest. I did do pen and pencil sketches and then watercolors and acrylics in my time floating in space like a satellite boosted into orbit by events in the late 70's The "Other" 3D software I have used extensively are RayDream,Carrara, Poser, Bryce, MayaPLE,, DAZStudio.,Beneath that level is FORTRAN and GSP, then PASCAL and ASM with some BASIC2 and QBASIC .


work experience

Standard of Indiana August 1956 - August 1964

I had to get a work permit to begin nights and weekends at Krohn's Standard service. Krohn had been a carpenter and now had his own business. His previous assistant had helped him change tires on gravel trains to augment his business. The company expected a routine gasoline retail growth with seasonal traffic to the lake 15 miles North.

Douglas Aircraft May 1965 - August 1969

At last I had a real professional job in California. I was given a seat with a reliability engineer who was a close associate of Donald Douglas Jr and a partner in a 35 foot catmaran with it's designer and the DC-9's chief designer,, Harold Roberts. While waiting to begin work as an operational analyst on military DC-9 applications I was assigned to a USAF support program for project Apollo. A winner. The DC-9 Aeromedical Evacuation application renamed C-9A "Nightingale".was also a winner. Then came suppression of a study of simulation and training for Navigator training and navigator/bombardier training I was cut lose and the program was lost to the boeing T-43 (737). Only Combat Systems had an opening and it was a a bean counter calculating pipeline and attrition for the TA-4J "Skyhawk" Old Don Douglas was ready to call it quits. The company had outlasted the 6 months prediction in 1965 but now it was finished..

McDonnell-Douglas Senior Engineer/Scientist August 1969 - August 1978

The "Skyhawk" was still in production but was going to move to Palmdale. I had no access anymore to the C-9. A new hire hidden in our group to give marketing an extra body began to tutor me about Mechanized warfare. Soviet doctrine was observed in vast array. One weekend we boosted the Hawker-Siddeley based on a UK team that had been working in secret on the floor below. A winner that went to St. Louis and led to the ski-jump carrier..Several boxes of IBM 80 column cards came from St. Louis planning with classifed decks included. This program or model along with the dat had been generated as part of a competitive win on the FX program. McDonnell still had to win the Contract Definition competition to be given a go ahead on the FX. Someone broke into the safe containing the classified decks by prying open the face of a drawer. The programmer accused me of using a crow bar. Nothing was missing. I consulted with the Quickturn project at Huntington Beach as it prepared for a competition called AGILE..Huntington Beach got their deck running first on a CDC-6500. It was about a year later when Long Beach's deck ran on an IBM 360/85. The AGILE was a loss. I really never was able to drop back to support missile test using a DC-10. Large aircraft was going to be the future at long Beach. The AMST was the focus for a clean sweep of Engineering and Production Engineering.

United Technologies Government Products Group Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engineer October 1978 - December 1981

I had hoped to work on the Pegasus license but that was silent. A chance meeting with a female math aid on the shuttle bus to the main plant driven by a pair of Czech refugees led to a all night visit to the test area to witness a J-52-P6 endurance test with a water-cooled camera videotaping the flame. Broad brush studies of various cores applied to reengining of the KC-135 and B-52 led to a loss. I got to see the STABLEMATE documents. An offer came to transfer to Product Support and become a Field Service Representative on the F-100. I took it. That led to intensive workbook and then hands on disassembly and assembly of an (2) at Edwards AFB. A minor dustup about an oversize rivet for the Woensdrecht depot in the Netherlands found me back in the Operations Analysis part of New Engines and this time the work led to the production version of the AMST/ YC-15 being sized and a clipped fan non-optimum JT-9D being seen as best. The only thing left was to prove using a TI-42 with ROCK to upgrade my TI-37 programmable that a supercruiser was not going to intercept supersonic targets at high altitude from ground scramble. Thus I missed out on the much later lift fan work and the JSF engine.



University of Michigan Physics, BS, Mathematical Physics 1961 - 1965

I was called one blizzard Saturday. My father loaded his incinerator, his bushels of trash and his two children into his 1949 Plymouth for a trip to the city dump. On the way back he saw a friend trying to free his car from the tall snow berm thrown up over it by the city grader. He was a prudent man and had a snow shovel in his trunk. He parked us on the wrong side of the road in the unplowed lane and went to assist. After about half an hour I looked forward from watching the progress in digging and saw through the blowing snow and heard over the howling wind the sound of the grader as it now crashed into the car I was in and I smashed my lip on the ash tray in the middle of the seat back. For a few years after that I would take refuge at the County Road commision talking to the mechanics who gave me huge souvenir parts removed from repairs to Austin-Western plows and Walter trucks. Then one day in the mid-50's the county coroner took me away from Sunday dinner with my family into the slumber room with the coffins and began to tell em about the dangers of OHV V-8's in low price cars. Often he said the driver hit a tree and at the hospital the surgeons had to remove his spleen and transection his liver to repair damage to his torso. I did not know the driver of the grader had hit his chest on the steering wheel and column. The grader was a Galion with dual wheels like a truck and a stand up driving platform behind the rear axle. The engine hung in a louvered hood with the radiator in front ahead of the rear dual wheels just behind the angle grader blade under the bridge out to the front wheels. On the internet recently I found out those type graders had a Wisconsin t-head engine.



Workstation specs: I have a DELL XPS1730M notebook with hybrid graphics. It has a quad core and a touch screen. The disk is an SSD. Over to my right is a XPS tower Gen 2 with the last of the single core Pentium 4's. It has all the software I used for development prior to 2004.
Honors and awards:
Interests: For the last 18 years I have been building 3D models using graphics software. I competed in Olympics Masters Weightlifting and won trophies in regional competition in 1995 and 1996. I have run in Gasparilla 5K and 15K competitions and collected finishers medals. Since 2000 I have posted renders on the Internet of my models and last year had over 600,000 lookers on I posted some .3ds, .obj, and .lwa actual models on TurboSquid before 2006 then following a take down notice on one I shifted to only models made from photos and drawings and a greatly reduced activity.I sold a grand total of $15 or 3 models.

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