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Danel Aldana Virgen

airplane, aerospace, aviation


This is a Scientific Research called “aerodisco”, and this is an interview about the research, please watch the video online (subtitled in English, but speaking in Spanish) for more information, Resume about the online video: Here is application to the solution of the Navier-Stoke equation and a complement of the work the solution, and a solution for the problem of “a shock wave” in the supersonic and hypersonic airplanes. Video online (subtitled in English, but speaking in Spanish): Actually the companies that are mentioned in the video, they are not more interested because are deactivate in this area for the reason of economic crisis, so I am looking again what company or University are interested in this technology, and support it for continue. I recommend strongly use the program of Microsoft 2010, for watch the presentation in PowerPoint: AERODISCO-short explanation for general public 12-08-2012.pptx (26.5 MB)!h4gBDLCZ!CznT6yea6bcOdbHmfBUC9DFnD9sZ6OEEIqYY0x0K-Vo P.D. I am waiting for a response… There is an experiment very easy and cheap of perform for prove or demonstrate that the aerodisco is more efficiency than the airplane, take a Frisbee (or you can buy a plastic disc that can throw with your hand) and make an airplane of paper (or you can buy airplane of plastic that can throw with your hand), next throw both models, the airplane and the Frisbee each one with your hand, and you get a surprise when compare the distant that traveled between the two models, flight stability and the speed of the journey.


work experience

Publications and Patents, past or present: 1. Publication of the electronic circuit “saving system of energy” in the magazine VISION 2005. 2. Publication of the “software matroidal” or “multidimensional calculator” in the University of Houston Texas but never patented or registered (current). 3. Register and Publication of the first part of two the Millennium Prize Problems "Navier-Stokes Equations" and "Yang-Mills Theory" in the magazine IMPI 2011-2014. 4. Register of projects "Aerodisco", "Advanced design in aeronautical, nautics and other areas". 5. Register of trademark "Aerodisco" 2009. 6. Register of literary works of scientific research "Aerodisco" and "Advanced design in aeronautical, nautics and other areas" 2009. 7. Register of patent “Discoidal vehicle and operating method for the navigation and transport in different environments” 2011-2014. 8. And others.



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