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I started out young, I would say around 6yrs old is when I built a very basic house with my very first Lincoln log set. After that it was onto plastic models with the super fast drying glue, then onto R/C model cars and airplanes, those were the best! On to learning the Manufacturing aspect of the world...Here I come! It's been a blast learning all different aspects of Engineering. Thank you to all in my life that have helped me through the years.


work experience

Desing Engineer August 1991 - December 2014

Designing in the field of rotational molding processes for 15 years and began to design for the CNC industry. I began to design contract CNC fixtures and working into automatic machine design utilizing robotics, light, photo and pressure sensors for the past 8 years.



UW Madison A.A.T., Mechanical Engineer 1990 - 1994



Workstation specs: Intel Quad Core i7-2600 3.40GHz 16GB ram Radeon HD 5450 w/2GB ram
Honors and awards: Started my own business with great honor in designing and manufacturing tooling for roto-molding & contract CNC fixture components.

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