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I work as a design engineer and mechatronic system designer in the semiconductor machine industry, medical device industry and have done projects in various other applications. I have 7 years experience designing equipment of fairly large scale. This includes hands on engineering prototype fabrication, complex system simulation and experimental verification, system structural design and "packaging" of machinery into modules, electrical and controls design and high purity process piping layout.


work experience

My current position is technically Mechanical Engineer/Designer at PrecisionFlow Technologies. We're a contract manufacturer and design house specializing in semiconductor equipment, industrial machinery and medical equipment. I work on numerous projects and product lines at a varying level of involvement. Some I merely do MRP paperwork while others I lead design and engineering efforts for fairly large and complex systems.



I have a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with concentrations in Advanced Manufacturing and Mechatronics from RPI.



Workstation specs: I currently work on a fairly well configured Boxx system at my employer and a personally made PC at home on other projects. Both are formidable systems and capable of high complexity and quality design work and graphical renderings. The system at home also is pretty good when it comes to games too.
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