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2011 Graduate of The Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelors of Science in Industrial Engineering with specialization in Manufacturing Systems and a Minor in Engineering Entrepreneurship. Over the past several years I've been fortunate enough to have a eclectic variety of experience in manufacturing environments which helped to develop my knowledge of standard work, plant layout, time studies, quality tracking, Kaizen, and other Lean manufacturing techniques and practices. My goal is to take the knowledge I've gained through professional experiences and become a leader in making manufacturing operations more streamlined and lean in the future.


work experience

d.wilson llc Owner March 2009 -

Pursue various design, manufacturing, and entrepreneurial ventures as opportunities present themselves.

Oshkosh Defense Industrial Engineer June 2011 -

I currently work with the Product Support Engineering team in Oshkosh Defense's Global Integrated Production Support Department. Our purpose is to provide engineering support to retrofit and overhaul programs being carried out globally on existing fleets of Oshkosh vehicles, trailers, and equipment. Our main focus is developing standard assembly and installation processes for the customer driven installation operations. By establishing comprehensive plans for material delivery, process flow, and quality screening, our group is able run operations in an incredibly lean manner at a fast moving pace, while still maintaining a OEM levels of quality in the end product to the customer.



Penn State Bachelor of Science, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering 2006 - 2011



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Interests: Machining, fabrication, design, racing, firearms

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