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Dino Tresnjo


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work experience

JP Elektroprivreda BiH, Hydroelectric power station Grabovica Bachelor Praktikant April 2013 - June 2013

From studies in mechanical engineering to reality - this purpose have met my two-month internship at energy service-hydroelectric plant Grabovica. After five semesters buffaloes and vague notions of an appropriate profession for me, the internship was just right, and I feverishly opposed the first day. All tests were finally over. My time in energy services was marked by very helpful and open colleagues, educational experience and sound knowledge of ecological and technical aspects of a hydropower plant or on an ecologically oriented company.

JP Elektroprivreda BiH d.d - Sarajevo Wind farm project developer November 2014 - July 2015

I did an internship in Sarajevo at Elektroprivreda BiH. My internship was considered as a scholarship by this company. During my internship I dealt with the various tasks of the department, particularly the assessment of wind energy and the optimum positioning of wind turbines by using various simulation programs (WASP WindPRO and StarCCM +). For the assessment of wind in Bosnia and Herzegovina so far, are mainly used linear models WASP and WindPRO, while the reliability of the CFD models has not been studied. Due to the specific conditions which include the dominant wind from one or two directions and relatively complex topography of the potential sites of wind farms, this work had aimed to develop a method of assessing wind potential in locations complex topography and the prevailing wind from one or two directions. The method has been applied to empirical data and described the mathematical / computer models to determine and describe the impact of such a topography on the wind flow, including the impact of the possible production of electricity from wind power.

IGT-R&D Center of Gas Technology, Sarajevo Project Manager October 2015 - January 2016

• Function of conceiving, introducing and implementing a quality assurance system (QAS) within the gas industry system; • Function of professional training of personnel in the gas industry has an extraordinary significance considering the extremely low coverage of this issue matter in the curriculums of vocationally-oriented schools and higher-learning institutions; • Function of research, consulting and development of pre-investment and investment studies in relation to gas network construction in residential communities, energy and industrial facilities; • Designing and engineering function refers to smaller investment projects and also includes supervision, commissioning and functional and warranty testing on the facilities that use natural gas; • Function of scientific research in the field of natural gas utilization, i.e. development of equipment for its utilization; • Function of expert services in preparation of legislative and other regulations in the areas that are significant to the gas industry (environmental norms, regulations on standardization and inspection of equipment, spatial planning etc.);



University „Džemal Bijedić“ Mostar - Mechanical engineering Bachelor of Science, Energetic 2010 - 2013

o Design and development of machines, devices and equipment; o 2D & 3D modeling (AutoCAD, SolidWorks, CATIA V5); o Quality assurance and product testing; o organization of production; o Planning of production processes; o Managerial calculations; o Propulsion technology, tribology, steel construction; o Mechanical fluids; o Calculation of pressure losses for various piping components; o Calculation of the pump head and pump capacity for the design of the pump;

University Sarajevo, Bosnia und Herzegovina - Mechanical engineering Master of Science, Energetic 2013 - 2015

o Analysis and evaluation renewably-conventional energy systems; o Use of renewable energy, specially biomass, water, and wind; o Fluid and thermodynamic calculations; o Theoretical and practical bases and R & D work; o Consulting services - that should support a sustainable energy supply; o Increase energy efficiency; o Finite element method (FEM); o Energy management; o Project Management;



Workstation specs: 10/2015 - now „Replacement of conventional fuels by natural gas in the vechicles of the municipal civil service 'KJKP RAD - Sarajevo'“ 11/2014 – 07/2015 „Application of computer simulation in the assessment of wind energy and determining the position of wind turbines“ 10/2011 – 05/2012 „Assessing the impact of the Sun reflection of the panels from the solar power station Stolac on road and air transport“
Honors and awards: 2013. - Gold medal of University '' Džemal Bijedić '' Mostar (Best graduate student at the whole university with average grade 9.75 ) 2013. - The award for the best student of Mechanical Engineering faculty in Mostar by the Federal Ministry of Education and Science of the FBiH 2012. - Silver medal of University ''Džemal Bijedić'' Mostar (for the average mark 9.71 ) 2012. - The award for the best student of Mechanical Engineering faculty in Mostar by the Federal Ministry of Education and Science of the FBiH 2012. - Dean Award of Mechanical Engineering faculty Mostar 2011. - Silver medal of University ''Džemal Bijedić'' Mostar (for the average mark 9.7) 2011. - Dean Award of Mechanical Engineering faculty Mostar

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