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work experience

Superior Aviation Aircraft Refueler and Mechanic Apprentice January 1989 - February 1992

Worked as an Aircraft refuel tech and Mechanic Apprentice working with Cessna 402 and 404 twin engine aircraft.

American International Airways Aircraft Sheet Metal Technician March 1992 - October 1994

Entered the operation as a sheet metal technician with my A' license. Worked on DC8 series aircraft. One of the best jobs I ever had.

Spirit Airlines Mechanic, Draftsman, Liaison Engineer, Manager of Engineering, FAA DER October 1994 - September 2005

The first year with Spirit Airlines was interesting. I was hired as a line mechanic with my A&P license. We worked out of a panel van at DTW servicing a line of DC9-30 aircraft. After that first year the company leased an old Delta Hanger and we finally found shelter. Things began moving along as the airline started to grow. I was promoted to Lead mechanic and then foreman. Once I topped out in pay, the company offered to pay tuition to continue my education in engineering studies - That include a promotion to engineering liaison and a big pay cut... ha. it can cost to move up. This promoted me to a newly created position as an engineering liaison person. I studied along with several compliance engineers who were consultants with the company at the time. With advise from these consultants, I added mechanical drafting to my college curriculum, I am grateful for that good advice today. After a while I began to supplement my promoted pay cut with my new found drafting expertise with aviation related drawings. I continued to be promoted to engineer, then Sr. manager of engineering and eventually appointed as an FAA DER. I left the company in 2005 to strike it out on my own as a consultant FAA DER in the areas of Structures and Interiors.

ASI Solutions, Inc FAA DER, President February 2003 - September 2020

Currently I own ASI Solutions Inc. I work as an FAA DER Consultant and provide engineering support for Light and heavy transport category aircraft finding compliance to certain aspects of FARs. Services include finding compliance to regulations, writing reports, compliance documents, engineering orders, and of course, thanks to some good advise, 2d and 3d CAD.



Spartan School of Aeronautics Aircraft Maintenance 1987 - 1987

Transferred after second term

LCC Aviation Maintenance Technology Airframe and Powerplant License, Aviation Maintenance 1988 - 1994

Normally a two year degree, my study was interrupted by the Gulf War with the USMC. I completed my studies when I returned home

Schoolcraft College AS, Engineering 1995 - 2002

Believe it or not, trade school credits do not transfer to an engineering school. I had over 80 credit hours in aircraft maintenance technology. Started from scratch. Not even one credit transferred. Classes are always fun.... eh most anyway. and based on some good advice, I added mechanical drafting courses to my curriculum.

Candidate DER FAA DER, 14 CFR Part 23 and 25 Regulations 1996 - 2004

I studied with other FAA DER Consultants as a Candidate DER with for the FAA. After about 8 years of interaction, I was finally appointed as a company DER, and a year later a Consultant FAA DER.



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