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Mechanical Design Engineer I am a Mechanical Design Engineer with over 30 years of work experience in the areas of Research and Development, System Design and Product Design. I was the Program Manager on a variety of local and global military projects - top secret and public. I also headed up a Specialist Design Centre within the company. I served on a number of committees, some being: Strategic Change, Committee for RTC and Chairman of the committee for the promotion of Good Design. I also scripted and presented a 6 part series on Good Design for TV and was a columnist for Engineering News on Innovation. I have worked as a consultant/freelancer for many years, including contract work in diverse industries. Project areas involved in  Motor industry both local and global  Military – Wide Range of Systems and Products – some being: World leading and renowned Mine Clearing vehicles and equipment that are currently in use globally Vehicle Design - Military, Special Forces and Others that are currently in use in multiple conflict zones globally o Weapons Design, Weapon Systems Development and Weapon System Mountings. o Missile launchers and Missile systems  Electronic Housing and Product Design  Developments in hydraulic systems - range of projects, like loading systems for medium to large cargo aircraft.  Crane systems and other products for the construction industry.  Mining - Wide range of projects.  Solar Power support systems.  Education and Social Up-liftment products and systems.  Steel industry - Wide range of projects including o Telecom Towers and Transmission Towers. o Development of over 300 manufacturing jigs for the South African radio telescope SKA Meerkat project.  Sports and Recreation - Home Exercise system - Garden Products and others.  Industrial Fields - Wide range of projects - Air powered vibrating vacuum system, Commercial kitchen systems and a range of Consumer products  Aviation: Designer, Developer, Manufacturer and Test Pilot of 3 light Aircraft.  Medical products.  And many more. Work beliefs and environments  I believe in designing with the full intent of integrating form and function in any product, giving the product the best chance of having a greater market acceptance. It is also important to any design to consider the cost of manufacturing with an understanding of the materials and manufacturing facilities available to the product/design.  Conceptual Design is the starting point of any new development or design work.  Product development packs essential for any XDM development and preparation for industrialisation.  3D CAD development with Solidworks or Autodesk Inventor  Supporting Programs: Excel, Word and others  3D printing for prototyping in house Innovation and Good Design equals Higher Profits and Greater Market Penetration and Market Retention


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Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


South African Airforce Mechanical Engineering 1966 - 1970



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