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Dumitru Bojiuc is a serial entrepreneur, inventor and designer of all its new ideas that outlines his own strategy and passion for a modern so needed futuristic business concept that under Quantakinetic Holdings, Inc. will use to deploy its ideas under a new brand Quantakinetic Technologies™ (QKT™)’s transformational, pervasive technologies into the broad range of industries and businesses to which it applies.


work experience

Quantakinetic Holdings, Inc. USA Principal at Quantakinetic Holdings, Inc.and CS&TO of R&D at QKT™ January 2004 -

Engaged in the Research and Development of the most advanced technologies in the electromagnetic and electrodynamics fields based on the most valuable own thoughts, observations and experimental physics he is playing with since the early times of its youthness. Inventing and Patenting based on the R&D results. R&D of the 360⁰ Magnetic Monopole Field Effect for the most powerful DC and AC rotating and linear electric motors, generators and power transformers. R&D in designing and developing the highest energy density per weight of the energetic units and the elimination of the many conflicts causing the known loses and inefficiencies. R&D in Electrokinetic Technologies for the Terrestrial and Space Industry. R&D in Power Generation, Transformation, Transport and Storage Technologies. R&D in Robotics, Modularity and Automation. R&D in developing the technologies needed for: - electric cars; - electric bikes; - MAGLEV ( Magnetic Levitated) Trasport Systems - electric airplanes; - electric helicopters; - discoidal flying crafts; - individual flying technologies; - intelligent non-catastrophic failure technologies; - unmanned terrestrial, hydro-aerial vehicles; - energy range extenders for any terrestrial, hydro and aerial HEV and EV's.



Land Forces Military Academy, Romania '78



Workstation specs:
Honors and awards: Honors & Awards Dumitru Bojiuc - Patents / Publication Additional Honors & Awards Dumitru Bojiuc - Patents / Publication PATENTS / PUBLICATION # YEAR OF PUBLICATION / ISSUED TITLE 2012/0286, 592 Permanent Magnet Operating Machine 8, 232, 695/2012 Electromagnetic machine with independent removable coils, modular parts and self-sustained passive magnetic bearing 8, 159, 104/2012 DC induction electric motor-generator with magnetic gap self-commutating laminated ferromagnetic rotating core 8, 074, 579 2011 Magnetically levitated transport system 8, 074, 922 2011 Discoidal flying craft 7, 834, 503 2010 Immersed windings, monopole field, electromagnetic rotating machine 7, 791, 242 2010 DC induction electric motor-generator 7, 732, 973 2010 Electromagnetic machine with magnetic gap channels 2010/0127, 579 Magnetically levitated transport system 2010/0001, 143 Discoidal flying craft 2009/0322, 173 Electromagnetic machine with magnetic gap channels 2008/0164, 779 Immersed windings, monopole field, electromagnetic rotating machine
Interests: Interests Open to create JV's for each specific field of use in which Quantakinetic Technologies™ can make a difference. Just to name few. Interested in designing unique custom drive trains for: - Automotive, Hybrid and Electric Vehicles; - Aviation, Hybrid and Electric Airplanes and Helicopters, UAV's; - Hydro Transportation Technologies; - MAGLEV Transport Systems; - Individual Flying Equipments; - Space Craft Long Range Travel Systems. Power Generation, Transport, Transformers and Distribution Systems. Wireless Charging Equipments. Energy Range Extenders for Automotive, Aviation and Hydro Mobility. Advice for Contacting Dumitru Interested in renewable energy and power generation; MEGA ARCHITECTURAL AND ENERGETIC PROJECTS Space and Terrestrial Transportation Industry; Energy - Strategic and Architectonic Monumental Projects; Design and Simulation Software; Environmentally Friendly Technologies, Hybrid and EV Direct Drive Power Trains for the Automotive Industry Hybrid and EV Direct Drive Power Trains for the Air & Space Industry Hybrid and EV Direct Drive Power Trains for the Naval Industry Unmanned Aerial Technologies. Networking with visionary open minded investors, technicians, engineers and other dreamers that would like to be part of our mission and to contribute for a secure and better world for the prosperity of our civilization. Creating a community of revolutionary thinkers in education, science and technology. In supporting our economic environment and create jobs for everyone ready to accept the challenges of the future.

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