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Dylan Stuart


I'm a Civil Engineering Manager with much of my AutoCAD drafting day's behind me. I have over 20 years experience using AutoDesk's range of AutoCAD products. I'm currently using AutoDesk Infrastructure Design Suite (Old Map 3D). I tend to have a bit of a GIS bent using Mapinfo and ArcMap, and use AutoCAD of do some of my own design works, and to draft up As-built drawings. AutoDesk's home use policy has allowed me to further develop my 3D interests, and have dabbled in house designs for friends, and created 3D renderings for people to view various options. Even down to the hot and cold stickers on the taps. Mainly work with Solids which I tend to find easier, and they also enable quick cross-sections etc..


work experience

Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


NZCE (Civil), REA, Civil Engineering 1991 - 1994



Workstation specs: Core i7 2600k 8Gb DDR3 Ram NVIDIA Quadro 4000M 2GB Graphics 2 x 500Gb 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive (Raid 1) Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit Twin 24" Viewsonic Monitors A solid State Drive would make a huge difference with this setup! The i7 2600k has been a good performer, even though its showing its age now. I also have a high speed 4Gb USB in permanent ReadyBoost mode, and believe me it works! The Viewsonic Monitors are marginal. I previously had fantastic twin Dell 22" in 4x3 setup, but sadly one finally gave in. I'm starting to get used to the wider aspect ratio, but I still miss the extra inch's at the top! I wish monitor makers would realise we're not all watching 16x9 movies at work!
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