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Earl Powell


New product development in Silicon Valley, CA


work experience

Solar Factor Research Center Co-founder May 1976 - September 1985

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Senior Technical Coordinator September 1979 - October 1983

Coordinated the fabrication of 235 pulse power units consisting of 25kV 10: Transformer, 250kV 1KHz Spark GAP, and the 70ns Blumlines for ATA. Supported the development and fabrication of the 2.5MeV Electron Injector. Managed multi-million dollar hardware budget. Managed make or buy decisions. Evaluated vendors' capabilities. Built reliable transformer: set up Vasco Road production facility and efficient production scheduling; established the parts control system; resolved problems in materials, assembly and reliability; hired and trained technicians. Wrote color-coded production system, assembly procedures (using an innovative assembly kit approach), quality plan, and documentation manual at project conclusion.

Allied Engineering and Production Corporation Project Manager May 1984 - September 1985

Expanded company markets to include major R&D customers such as Ford Aerospace, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Sandia Laboratory. Coordinated fabrication of computer generated surfaces projects, working with interdisciplinary staff: computer programmers, tool engineers, etc. Anticipated, analyzed, and resolved project contract problems. Managed projects from initial sales through close-out and invoicing.

Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California Senior Development Engineer May 1985 - May 1993

Managed and directed the members of the extreme ultraviolet space telescope projects: FAUST (flown on Space Shuttle STS 45 Mar 25 1992), ORFEUS (flown on STS 51 12 September 1993). Fabrication manager for The Extreme-Ultraviolet Explorer (EUVE), flown June 7, 1992 through January 30, 2002, part of NASA's Explorer spacecraft series. Organized and managed the development of a scheduling system. Developed and implemented alternative plans for schedule variances.BudgetReviewed cost estimates for instrument development and established and pproved budget allocations for all major work breakdown structure elements. Reviewed all changes for compliance with budget allocations. Established budget reserves and rules for application. Systems and DocumentationDevised systems to assure that all design and development work was done to project specifications. Negotiated numerous design tradeoffs required in fabricating, assembling, and testing equipment to fly aboard the Space Shuttle. Ensured that all design reviews were held to NASA standards on project deliverables and were reported as appropriate.

Applied Materials Senior Operations Manager February 1994 - November 2002

New Product Development - Third Generation Flat Panel Fabrication Equipment 570x720mm, 300mm Wafer Mainframes, and 300mm Process Chambers.Managed the design, fabrication, and installation of the 3500 Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) test stand. Structured and managed the new, larger sub-strate Gen 3.5 product line including the integration of the cost reduction design as well as an increased size capability to 610x 720. Restructured the Etch and Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) product lines. Structured and managed the commercialization of the Optical End Point Detector for reduced cost and cycle time of in-situ cleaning. Commercialized the Remote Plasma Source Cleaning for the 1600 and 3500 CVD Platforms. Cost Savings resulted from using closed die forgings rather than “hog-out”, simplified designs resulting eliminating material “drops”, the substitution of quartz for ceramic, and the use of “near net shape”; “as fired”; “dry pressed” technologies for ceramics parts.

Tigo Energy Inc. Director of Operations June 2007 - June 2009

Manufacturing Operations, Intellectual Property management, and drawings, Solidworks design of product development.

Techshop Inc Adjunct Instructor October 2009 -

Solidworks, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Metal Spinning, Woodturning Work with entrepreneurs to get their new products prototypes and pre-production units completed.

New Product LLC Managing Member January 2012 -

Aging In Place Technologies and Low Temperature Solar Thermal Application The Terra-Light™ Solar Thermal Collector has the lowest manufacturing and integration costs in the industry. The Terra-Light™ collector features an all copper absorber plate with a riser tube pitch of 50 mm and the best bond conductance in the industry. It has a polycarbonate glazing system, PolyISO insulation, and polymer housing. Installation is fast, easy, and requires no soldered or threaded connections. The bonded assembly has no fasteners. Everything other than the absorber plate is a polymer. This light weight copper/plastic hybrid is unique in the industry and the first to find the perfect balance of technology and cost so essential to moving this alternative energy application forward.

Cost Reduction Inc.



Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville BS, Education 1970 - 1973

University of San Francisco Masters, Organizational Development

Massachusetts Institute of Technology



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