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Apart what I publish here (things I do for my family or for fun) I also designed the X PLANE and the Fanpusher multirole ultralight airplanes, have designed and I am prototyping various hydro turbines for micro-hydro and submarine streams, one ultralight helicopter (now in construction) and several rotary internal combustion engines, robotics, industrial automation, and similar.


work experience

Mega Metal Works CEO October 2013 - Running a startup company from scratch to success. We started out of nothing with great enthusiasm and no capital, all based on our experience and good personal reputation in the industry as persons that deliver no matter what. And that is what we do now. Most of the impossible jobs for others become our bread, there is no impossible, just not enough budget, if you can budget it, most probably we can sort it out. - Structural steel manufacturing and fixing, - "impossible" staircases, - uncommon swimming pool glass walls, - stainless steel structures, - curtain walls from scratch to turn key,or reglazing of outdated curtain walls that nobody finds anymore solutions for, - Aluminum structures - spiral and square spiral staircases - Shimmer mirrors infrastructures, glazing and finishing - mastic and siliconing - 3D virtual reality extrapolations of your future dream house or staircases or swimming pool, etc - structural glass floors, walls, ceilings, balconies and balustrades, doors and desks - Backlit stone on glass lamination structures and fixing - tones and tones of beams; columns, posts, SECURITY metal doors and security metal rooms. - Stainless steel mirrors, safety rooms, balconies and balustrades. - rare wood bespoke railings, handrails, staircases, furniture and second fixing - picky stonery/tiling/marble jobs for luxury villas and apartments. We are in a NICHE MARKET , quality and extreme engineering solutions is our bread. if anybody could do it than we let them do it, we are not anybody, so we take those jobs that others are afraid of. Drop me a line if your project requires skills others can only dream about, no matter where in the world that is, if there is a budget, than we shall provide a solution, if you like it; than we shall make it happen. Is that simple.



Officially done with that 20 years ago, in reality I learn things every day.



Workstation specs: My home junk is a laptop with 4 GB of ram, two Intel processors at 2.3 ghz that gives me headaches when the drawings get sophisticated, and the creeps when it freezes
Honors and awards:
Interests: Too many issues to account for in a 3Dprinting using filament in room temperature normal atmosphere, contamination of the interlayer contact bonding surfaces with various gas impurities and why not dust and other particles are taking the 3D printing with this method into the world of objects that cannot be trusted in certain applications, like in the wing example, you might get a neat surface, perfect interior cavities, light output, but would you trust such a printed wing on your microlight airplane with you at commands at 300 feet above the ground? Maybe with an additional metal structure inside the resistance can be improved, but than again, if you go through the trouble of making the ribs and beams of metal, isn’t it better to simply use cloth or Al sheet or this ply just like the others to cover the wing? Why am I saying this? Simply because although for now the 3D printing made huge steps into reality passing from highly expensive machines to open source dirty cheap models nowadays, which is awesome, at least for me is awesome, we still cannot really print functional objects we can rely on for daily use in mechanical stress environments, but rather static useful objects such as a mug or a vase, or a statical example of no mechanical use for others, thus if you want to print up a new body for your car… it might come up sleek and cozy, but I think you would not drive it on a motorway traffic with your print body, just in case some accident happen, you are not safe in there. I love the idea of non planner layer printing myself even if done as a compromise with planner layer core and non planner icing of the finished surface (to speed up the print or increase the strength or else) and I am glad the 3D amateur printing world has caught up with the dedicated industry dinosaurs tot the point where we really look into 5 axis printing ways like CNC milling machines do, that is more than awesome, but to top up the cake I would add a cherry, not mine but sweet the same, we need to look into other handy materials to make things printed usable in the real world not only as a static example, but as working parts, and here it comes the chance of open source thinking of thousands of independent amateurs that is far bigger than a laboratory locked secretive team paid to squeeze their heads, take it as a challenge if you will, I am in it for a while now, compete me, beat me on the finish line, doesn’t matter, just come up with something that makes sense.

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