Milan Ilic

Novi Sad, Serbia
Followers: 568 Models: 101

Lubomir Tomasek

South Moravia, Czech Republic
Followers: 288 Models: 84

Dragos Ionescu

Brasov, Romania
I do my best to leave something good in this world for the others.
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Czech Republic
Followers: 384 Models: 37


Slavonski Brod, Croatia
Homer Simpson: I am usually not a praying man, but if you are up there, please, save me, Superman!
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Camilo Parra Palacio

Czech Republic
Product Design Engineer | Founder @OttoDIY | 3D modeling Pro & 3D printable robot maker | inflatable designer
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Darko Saric Lukendic

Subotica, Serbia
Engineer 100%. Problem solving, will travel.
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Vasiliu Doru

Suceava, Romania
"Ceea ce nu trăim la timp , nu mai trăim niciodată." Octavian Paler
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Zeljko Fabijanic

Rijeka, Croatia
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Verislav Mudrak

Novi Karlovci , Serbia
CAD is way of life
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jan binder

Czech Republic
Commercial CAD designer (Freelancing - Home Office, Outsourcing works)
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