ruhulamin kagdi

CAD freelancer and a mechanical engineer
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Sabra A.S.

Amman, Jordan
Consultant in design & manufacture of truck bodies,Trailers, Semi-trailer, locomotives and fairn
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Agraj Agarwal

Exploring Emerging Learning
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Chennai, India
Plant together.. let make the world greener.
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Imran khan

Chennai, India
Yesterday, I couldn't spell Engineer, today I am one !
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vidhu vinod

hyderabad, India
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Salam Albaradie

Amman, Jordan
When you take risks you learn that there will be times when you succeed and there will be times when you fail, and both
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Harshit Dhiman

New Delhi , India
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Venkateswaran PS, PhD

Chennai, India
Engineer, Professional, Maker
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Mohit Singhal

Mumbai, India
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bangaolre, India
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New Delhi, India
Design Engineer ( Furniture / Industrial / Interior )
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