Czech Republic
Followers: 318 Models: 35

Enerik Kapllanaj

Tirane, Albania
I am a mechatronics engineer who focuses on providing highly valuable and practical designs.
Followers: 10 Models: 9


Prague, Czech Republic
Followers: 4 Models: 12

Milan Strnad

Czech Republic
Followers: 5 Models: 9

Radovan G.

Prague, Czech Republic
Followers: 51 Models: 26


Czech Republic
Mechanical Engineer
Followers: 12 Models: 16

Kuba Záhora

Olomouc, Czech Republic
19 years old student of technical high school
Followers: 2 Models: 4

Jan Lička

Trutnov, Czech Republic
mainly electronics designer
Followers: 3 Models: 5

Jiří Šafář

Czech Republic
Followers: 6 Models: 2


Karviná, Czech Republic
CAD, robotics and 3D printing teacher.
Followers: 1 Models: 8

Andi Hoxhaj

Fier, Albania
solidworks, cad, 3d, industrial Design
Followers: 35 Models: 19

Vojtěch Šaloun

Czech Republic
Followers: 10 Models: 17