Kevin Yu

Illinois, United States
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Ian Finn

United States
Certified 3D Printing Ninja
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Tommy Mueller

Portland, Oregon, United States
SolidWorks, Modo, and Unreal Engine Aficionado
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Manisa , Turkey
学生デザイナー Student Designer
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Onur Avcı

İstanbul, Turkey
Naval Architect and Marine Engineer
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Krista Casal

Portland OR, United States
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Durham, United States
I am Kamyar Kheradpir
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Andrey Jasiukaitis

Baltimore, MD, United States
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Chris Luizzi

Fort Myers, United States
TRINOTA is at the forefront of 3D Printed Medical Imagery. Additive manufacturer of Plastic Injection Tooling.
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Sar Dar

United States
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Tanner Jones

Norman, OK, United States
Mechanical Engineer
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Elkhart, Indiana, United States
TCM Design Group, LLC.
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