Sadullah Karatas

Brisbane, Australia
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Sana,a, Yemen
Be your self
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Kym Meyers

Adelaide, Australia
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Gadget Guru

Always wanted to study Mechanical Engineering - steel never lies, steel never says "only kidding"....
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Damo Petty

Adelaide, Australia
Get to work and get it done.
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Tim Lucas

Brisbane, Australia
Hacker, Inventor, Founder
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Miroslav Ivanov

Sofia, Bulgaria
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Hemang Mistry

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Iliya Miroslavov

Varna, Bulgaria
a short tagline
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Copenhagen, Denmark
Danish architect and designer
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Garret Krampe

SYDNEY, Australia
Inventive Processes are here . From Line Automation to Solving age old problems with products.
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Troy Ruston -

Gold Coast, Australia
Providing quality and accessible design services with a hands on understanding and approach to manufacturing. Keeping manufacturing local and competitive.
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