Tsvetan Milenkov

Sofia, Bulgaria
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ENWAR Sp z o.o.

Swidnica, Poland
Solutions for industry
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Filip Kober

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Paul Saboriendo

Southampton, Bermuda
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Miroslav Ivanov

Sofia, Bulgaria
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Sylvester Oziomek

Inventor, constructor and a big (automotive, industrial, product, interior, architecture) design fan.
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Iliya Miroslavov

Varna, Bulgaria
a short tagline
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ibrahim kesici

Warszawa, Poland
Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs ."Henry Ford":)
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Tomek F.

Man learns all life, and stupid dying!
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Michal Mejzlík

Prague, Czech Republic
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Camilo Parra Palacio

Czech Republic
Product Design Engineer | Founder @OttoDIY | 3D modeling Pro & 3D printable robot maker | inflatable designer
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Simon Kamrowski

Solec Kujawski, Poland
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