Daniel Martínez

Aguascalientes, Mexico
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Querétaro, Mexico
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Angel Galindo

Just trying to make a living
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Alejandra Perez

Mexicali, Mexico
Industrial Designer
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Miguel Guzman

Tijuana, Mexico
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Uriel Ivan Chavez Leal

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trujillo ivan

Guanajuato, Mexico
estudents of robotic engineering
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Angel Ramirez

Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
The experts do not exist, because every day there is something new to learn
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José Antonio González Alanis

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Iliya Miroslavov

Varna, Bulgaria
a short tagline
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IMT Javier Olvera

leon, Mexico
Design and development in Mechatronics Engineering
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Daniel Staikov

Plovdiv, Bulgaria
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