Tsvetan Milenkov

Sofia, Bulgaria
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Doc Show

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Kaloyan Georgiev

Sofia, Bulgaria
Young, intelligent and furious.
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boniface Elvio

i'm a real hustle , all I know to do in this world is hustling. I think that its a best way to know who we are concretly
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Daniel Staikov

Plovdiv, Bulgaria
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Iliya Miroslavov

Varna, Bulgaria
a short tagline
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Plamen Cherkezov

Sofia, Bulgaria
Mechanical engineer
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Stilyan Nikolov

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Yanko Varbev

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Angel Todorov

Varna, Bulgaria
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Radoslav Tsepenishev

Plovdiv, Bulgaria
“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.” –Albert Einstein
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Borislav Kostov

Varna, Bulgaria
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