Bagoes Prawira N

Bandung, Indonesia
Robotics Designer
Followers: 133 Models: 15

Aitor Amigo

Valencia, Spain
Followers: 526 Models: 104


Barcelona, Spain
Followers: 33 Models: 5

Mark Bruton

Singapore, Singapore
A Difficult Job is a bunch of simple tasks done in the proper sequence
Followers: 184 Models: 63

Ridwan Sept

Bali, Indonesia
One Future Solution
Followers: 810 Models: 219

Emilio Diez

Trapagarán, Spain
Followers: 282 Models: 152

Johar Palacita

Bandung, Indonesia
Palacita Concepts
Followers: 326 Models: 140


Malaga, Spain
"Less is more" / "God is in the details" (Ludwig Mies van der Rohe)
Followers: 293 Models: 37

Iqbal Afrizal

Bandung, Indonesia
Doa, Usaha, Ikhtiar, dan Tawakal
Followers: 2 Models: 4

Y P Lee

CAD user, Sci-Fi fan, Scale-Modeler
Followers: 29 Models: 3

Didi Widya Utama

Jakarta, Indonesia
CAD geek, CAE interest, CAM Passionate.
Followers: 3 Models: 3

Urko Herrán

Followers: 43 Models: 12