Umutcan VURGUN

izmir, Turkey
Machine designer & Software developer
Followers: 228 Models: 56

Chris Luizzi

Fort Myers, United States
TRINOTA is at the forefront of 3D Printed Medical Imagery. Additive manufacturer of Plastic Injection Tooling.
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Terry Best

Dunedin, United States
Followers: 18 Models: 27

Sam Yacuzzo

United States
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Tanner Jones

Norman, OK, United States
Mechanical Engineer
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DC, United States
Followers: 994 Models: 132

Jeffrey Forsburg

Mount Joy, United States
Designer for hire
Followers: 31 Models: 25


Durham, United States
I am Kamyar Kheradpir
Followers: 411 Models: 7

Adam Pohl

United States
Designer/Drafter - (CSWP)
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Followers: 112 Models: 16


McAlester, United States
she wanted nothing, and i delivered.
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Mustafa Ertunç

Konya, Turkey
Mechanical & Industrial Design Specialist
Followers: 33 Models: 7