Luiz Alberto Gerloff

Joinville, Brazil
Development designer for over 30 years, I execute projects of the most varied subjects possible, always looking for solutions in other branches of technical expertise to promote a more global and updated vision for my work.
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Bruno Bassotti

São Paulo, Brazil
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Rodrigo Barbosa

São Paulo, Brazil
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ADEBOTT Engenharia

São Paulo, Brazil
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Roger-Marie Couture

Alma, Québec, Canada
designer / sculpture sur neige / enseignes-signs / mecanics / visual arts
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Sérgio Afonso

Vinhedo, Brazil
Bem vindos! Deixem seus comentários para que eu possa melhor ajudá-los
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Daniel Pereira Frenster

São Paulo, Brazil
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Nathan Allen

University of Waterloo Co-op Mechanical Engineering
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Jonathan Brazeau

Gatineau, Canada
Welcome to a whole new world of design
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Tiago Müller

Florianopolis, Brazil
Certified SolidWorks Professional
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Rozhyar Gholami

Ni ju yon sai, Yoroshikou!
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Forest Moon

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