Rodrigo Barbosa

São Paulo, Brazil
I am open to negotiations to design conveyor belts.
Followers: 191 Models: 67

Luiz Alberto Gerloff

Joinville, Brazil
Development designer for over 30 years, I execute projects of the most varied subjects possible, always looking for solutions in other branches of technical expertise to promote a more global and updated vision for my work.
Followers: 63 Models: 27

Doc Show

Followers: 317 Models: 339

ADEBOTT Engenharia

São Paulo, Brazil
Followers: 146 Models: 32


São Paulo, Brazil
Projetista Mecânico
Followers: 362 Models: 50

Diogo Carrara

itapira, Brazil
Mechanic projectist
Followers: 192 Models: 12

Jay Iseki Takenami

Mechanical Engineering Product Designer
Followers: 1 Models: 1

Felipe Werlang

Sinop, Brazil
Followers: 2 Models: 3

Tiago Müller

Florianopolis, Brazil
Certified SolidWorks Professional
Followers: 145 Models: 61

ramon riki

CAD, FEA, CAM, weapon design
Followers: 309 Models: 34

Mike geesser

Vitoria, Brazil
It may require some fineness, but... , I'll make it fit like it was originally designed that way.
Followers: 98 Models: 58

Morten Nielsen

Followers: 30 Models: 40