Tanay Raj

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Yash Lad

Learn Quick,Live Fast and Die Young.
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Anuj Kaushal

panchkula, India
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Angel Galindo

Always trying to be one with the making
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Prakash Shakti

Vadodara, India
Specialized in PTC Parametric (Creo) Design and Ansys Simulation
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Julien Le Quellec

paris, France
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Bieber Alexis

Diemeringen , France
"Never half ass two things, whole ass one thing" -Ron Swanson Email:
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Ashish Agnihotri

jalandhar, India
This is Ashish Agnihotri im a Mechanical Engineering student. I pursuing my B.Tech from Lovely Professional University.
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Abhishek kumar

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Ujjwal Rathore

Mechanical Engineer
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Sudhir Gill

Rohtak, India
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Tinker John

Bangalore, India
I love Tinkering, especially to say Product Design and Development.
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