charlie borg

burnley, United Kingdom
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Steven Brandon

United Kingdom
For that honnie taken exceſſiuelye cloyeth the ſtomacke though it be honnie.
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Alex Cotterill-Drew

Birmingham, United Kingdom
Luxury Product Designer
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United Kingdom
Measure with a Micrometer; Mark with Chalk and Cut with an Axe!
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Scott Franks

Sheffield, United Kingdom
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Andrew Bowen

United Kingdom
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Jeremy Connaughton

Solihull, United Kingdom
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Mark Burditt

United Kingdom
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Wiltshire, United Kingdom
design CFD FEA engineering CAD architecrure mechanical energy environment water
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United Kingdom
Free Thinker, Clever Product Designer, Technology Specialist, Digital and Abstract Artist.
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Mufeed Xeque

London , United Kingdom
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Kathryn Thompson

Brighton, United Kingdom
Design engineer
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