Jesús Rendón

Puebla, Mexico
Being a professional is not having a degree. Being professional is knowing what you are doing.
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Javier Heredia

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Jorge Galindo

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L Senpai Hachiko Whoop

campeche, Mexico
si pudes soñarlo puedes tenerlo
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saul Maynez

Aeronautical engineeering
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Alfredo CH

Puebla, Mexico
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SLP, Mexico
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Abraham Rodríguez Estrella

Chihuahua, Mexico
Hey there! I´m a passionate student with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and like you, I enjoy creating stuff. If you like my works, join me. If you want to share yours, join me x2! We both will learn something cool. Peace :)
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Carlos Cruz Rincon

Sinaloa, Mexico
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eric sauvain

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