Fahad Rafi

Followers: 158 Models: 245

Naftali Eder

Application Engineer At Stratasys
Followers: 11 Models: 9

Aqil Ghaffar

lahore, Pakistan
born to design
Followers: 122 Models: 100

Hamza Ali

Lahore, Pakistan
Mechanical Engineering graduate from UET
Followers: 6 Models: 8


Karachi, Pakistan
3D, CAD, SolidWorks, UG, Creo5
Followers: 73 Models: 148

Momin Bashir

Lahore, Pakistan
Followers: 80 Models: 39


Amman, Jordan
Followers: 296 Models: 0

Salam Albaradie

Amman, Jordan
When you take risks you learn that there will be times when you succeed and there will be times when you fail, and both
Followers: 14 Models: 31

Abdul Haseeb Malik

Mianwali, Pakistan
Don't waste time...
Followers: 229 Models: 86

Tal Rajcher

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineer
Followers: 0 Models: 3

Muhammad Ali

Product Designer
Followers: 36 Models: 44

Nesher Amir DesignShaper Studio ISRAEL

Even Yehuda, Israel
Master Conceptor & Project Designer.
Followers: 63 Models: 5