Slavonski Brod, Croatia
Homer Simpson: I am usually not a praying man, but if you are up there, please, save me, Superman!
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Valentino Les

Oroslavje, Croatia
Be creative and inovative
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Mark Bruton

Singapore, Singapore
A Difficult Job is a bunch of simple tasks done in the proper sequence
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Danijel Posavac

Zagreb, Croatia
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Woodlands, Singapore
Can't end a day without designing something !!!!!!
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Marijo Blazević

Zagreb, Croatia
Hey people of grabcad, new projects are coming out soon, stay tuned
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Saurabh Mudgal

Penultimate student - B.Eng Mechanical Engineering at Nanyang Technological University
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Tomica Vukovic

Zagreb, Croatia
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Ivica Zdelarec

There are two kinds of people in the world my friend, ...
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shi en

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Martin Choutka

Liberec, Czech Republic
A college student from the Czech Republic
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Yury Vinogradchiy

Praha, Czech Republic
Real models only.All for work.
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