São Carlos, Brazil
Always learning
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Darko Saric Lukendic

Subotica, Serbia
Engineer 100%. Problem solving, will travel.
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rusan claudiu

Bistrita, Romania
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Diogo Carrara

itapira, Brazil
Mechanic projectist
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Dragos Ionescu

Brasov, Romania
I do my best to leave something good in this world for the others
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Darko M.

Kalna, Serbia
SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, Rendering, Product Design, CAD Design
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Thiago Trentini

Eng. Mecânico
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Milan Ilic

Novi Sad, Serbia
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Kabir Costa

Curitiba, Brazil
My dream is to create open-source projects, full-time
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Victor Alonso

Sao Paulo, Brazil
CAD, Programmer, UI/UX, Freelancer
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ADEBOTT Projetos

São Paulo, Brazil
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