Yahya T Khedr

Shebin El-Kom, Egypt
You may know me as: "The self-proclaimed moderator in all GrabCAD"...
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tsvetan milenkov

Sofia, Bulgaria
Followers: 675 Models: 223

Shaylesh Roy

Manikganj , Bangladesh
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Kaloyan Georgiev

Sofia, Bulgaria
Young, intelligent and furious.
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Carlos A. Lermont Alvarez

Santiago, Chile
I'm part of crazy ones...
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Al Rubel Mohammad Bin Amin

I'm just a stranger to myself
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El-sayed Ahmad

Alexandria, Egypt
Mechanical Design Engineer, 3 years experience with SolidWorks, Key Shot and AutoCAD and looking for a new Challenge.
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Doc Show

Followers: 308 Models: 336

Muhammad Hassan Gomaa

Solid works designer
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Mohamed Mosaad

Mechatronics Engineer
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Mohammad Afzal

Designing is my passion
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hesham mohamed

cairo, Egypt
Design every where in our life so lets do some amazing shapes.
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