Tsvetan Milenkov

Sofia, Bulgaria
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Omar Elshamy

10th ramadan city, Egypt
Chief Technology Officer EMAR
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Carlos Soler

Santa Fe, Argentina
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Heriberto Maruzza

Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Yahya T Khedr

Shebin El-Kom, Egypt
You may know me as: "The self-proclaimed moderator in all GrabCAD"...
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Doc Show

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Hazem ashraf

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Kaloyan Georgiev

Sofia, Bulgaria
Young, intelligent and furious.
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Ivan Tilev

Pazardzhik, Bulgaria
just for fun
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El-sayed Ahmad

Alexandria, Egypt
Mechanical Design Engineer, 3 years experience with SolidWorks, Key Shot and AutoCAD and looking for a new Challenge.
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J. F. Crescente

Mechanical Engineer
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