Citizen Rus

Russian Federation
"We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing." – George Bernard Shaw
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Dragos Ionescu

Brasov, Romania
I do my best to leave something good in this world for the others
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Serj Minin

Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
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Darko Saric Lukendic

Subotica, Serbia
Engineer 100%. Problem solving, will travel.
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Product Design Engineer | Application Specialist-Design & 3D printing | Research Enthusiast - Aerodynamic domain and Additive Manufacturing
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Darko M.

Kalna, Serbia
SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, Rendering, Product Design, CAD Design
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Vladimir Kulikov

Russian Federation
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Konstantin Larin

Russian Federation
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Igor Sokolov

Moscow, Russian Federation
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Владислав Илюхин

г Димитровград - Ульяновская Область (Россия), Russian Federation
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Oslo, Norway
In it for the fun of it, love to tinker and make better products.
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