Omar Elshamy

10th ramadan city, Egypt
Chief Technology Officer EMAR
Followers: 29 Models: 7

Phil Maddox

If at first you don't succeed, get a bigger hammer
Followers: 97 Models: 76

Hazem ashraf

Followers: 8 Models: 20

Enerik Kapllanaj

Tirane, Albania
I am a mechatronics engineer who focuses on providing highly valuable and practical designs.
Followers: 26 Models: 10

Saurabh Mudgal

Penultimate student - B.Eng Mechanical Engineering at Nanyang Technological University
Followers: 0 Models: 1

Mohamed Mosaad

Mechatronics Engineer
Followers: 60 Models: 18

Marijo Blazević

Zagreb, Croatia
Hey people of grabcad, new projects are coming out soon, stay tuned
Followers: 36 Models: 15

Mahmoud Abdelmonem

Cairo, Egypt
Followers: 265 Models: 78

Sameer Abdullah

Borg Al-Arab, Egypt
Mechanical Engineer - Researcher
Followers: 73 Models: 15

Mostafa Omran

Followers: 17 Models: 17

Ahmed Sobhy

Followers: 8 Models: 5

Kevin Soertsz

I am a Design and Technology High School teacher, currently working in Malaysia.
Followers: 0 Models: 3