Aleksander Suvorov

Riga, Latvia
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Janis Kazuberns

Jekabpils, Latvia
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Carlos A. Lermont Alvarez

Santiago, Chile
I'm part of crazy ones...
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istanbul, Afghanistan
If you do not finish what I started last Bolts yourself to someone else is frequently ..
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juan cristobal zagal

Santiago, Chile
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Gui Silva

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Auclaire LETAMBA

Libreville, Gabon
Analyser, concevoir et fabriquer.
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kura ingenieria

Santiago, Chile
Clouding 3D desing
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Joakin Ugalde

Santiago, Chile
Mechanical engineer, currently working at the Fablab of the Universidad de Chile.
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Luis Eduardo Leyton Rodriguez

Antofagasta, Chile
La única barrera es tu falta de imaginación.
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Paulo Munhoz

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