Hesam Soleimanzadeh

Milan, Italy
Followers: 4 Models: 7

Ivo Alberti

Suzzara, Italy
Even the ugliest thing becomes beautiful if useful.
Followers: 640 Models: 337

Matteo Marchiorato

Varese, Italy
Technician and Designer
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Aeronautical Engineering Senior Designer - 3D Modeler
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Varese, Italy
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Pa Furijaz

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mauro menchini

San benedetto del tronto, Italy
Mechanical Engineer, plastic mould designer
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Jimmy Bright

Ode Remo, Nigeria
Mechanical Design Engineer
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Edoardo Gallo

Florence, Italy
Keep it simple
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Umberto Arena

Catanzaro, Italy
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Enrico Strona

Se avete bisogno di contattarmi potete scrivere a
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Salvatore Marini

Nuoro, Italy
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