Sava Savov

Sofia, Bulgaria
Followers: 16 Models: 19

Jonnathan Nossa

Auckland, New Zealand
Mechanical Engineer and 3D Artist
Followers: 1 Models: 7

Luiz Alberto Gerloff

Joinville, Brazil
Development designer for over 30 years, I execute projects of the most varied subjects possible, always looking for solutions in other branches of technical expertise to promote a more global and updated vision for my work.
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Oslo, Norway
In it for the fun of it, love to tinker and make better products.
Followers: 22 Models: 48

Felipe Werlang

Sinop, Brazil
Followers: 2 Models: 4


Veranópolis, Brazil
Followers: 203 Models: 134

Fredrik Lie Larsen

Followers: 118 Models: 15


Followers: 49 Models: 150

tecnic. Flávio De Matos

santa luzia, Brazil
homemade DIY
Followers: 36 Models: 49

Willian Signal

São Paulo, Brazil
Followers: 331 Models: 34

Ivan Tilev

Pazardzhik, Bulgaria
just for fun
Followers: 6 Models: 11

Chris de Paula

Uberlândia, Brazil
Desenhista Industrial
Followers: 138 Models: 28