Marcin Paska

Followers: 9 Models: 68

Hesam Soleimanzadeh

Milan, Italy
Followers: 13 Models: 8

Paolo Minieri

Firenze, Italy
Followers: 180 Models: 111

ENWAR Sp z o.o.

Swidnica, Poland
Solutions for industry
Followers: 216 Models: 460

Sylvester Oziomek

Inventor, constructor and a big (automotive, industrial, product, interior, architecture) design fan.
Followers: 46 Models: 44

Tomasz Gawroński

Poznań, Poland
“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” ― Albert Einstein
Followers: 248 Models: 27

Nikola Karov

Followers: 18 Models: 15

Salvo Bertolami (madeincad)

Riposto, Italy
Followers: 82 Models: 23

giulio prelli

novara, Italy
Followers: 204 Models: 33

ela bura

Białystok, Poland
mechanics, engineer, science
Followers: 102 Models: 6

Lino Bonetto

Campodarsego, Italy
Followers: 8 Models: 14

Denys M

Industrial CAD designer
Followers: 3 Models: 50