Aqil Ghaffar

lahore, Pakistan
born to design
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Muhammad Saad Sajid

Product Design Engineer
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What separates Art from Design is that The Design is meant to be Functional
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Usman Akhtar

SolidWorks Tutorial link
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ChamRoeun Npic

Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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Waqas Yousaf

Gujrat, Pakistan
Design,Develop & Create .....
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Fahad Rafi

Quetta, Pakistan
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Ali Zahid

Islamabad, Pakistan
Spreading of Knowledge is the Best Service for Humanity
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Shah Zaib

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Zahad Ali Zafar

Gujrat, Pakistan
I love to design and create.
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Engr. Zeeshan Junejo

Karachi, Pakistan
I am a Mechanical Engineer, I love creating things that help for the betterment of the society.
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Moeed Rehman

Lahore, Pakistan
Keep Designing
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