Jonathan Brazeau

Gatineau, Canada
Welcome to a whole new world of design
Followers: 741 Models: 201

Mechatronics Art

Montreal, Canada
Get it done right the first time... Excellence through Research
Followers: 193 Models: 38

James Subity

Leamington ON, Canada
Followers: 245 Models: 31


Drummondville, Canada
Followers: 108 Models: 34

Steve Montero

Pro-E WF-5 & Solidworks user
Followers: 5 Models: 17

creaate co

what will you creaate?
Followers: 12 Models: 10

FRC 3739: Oakbotics

London, Canada
Senior Mentor, FRC Team 3739
Followers: 37 Models: 65


Vancouver, Canada
Followers: 44 Models: 23

Ognian Kerelski

Toronto, Canada
Engineering is essential to our health, happiness and safety
Followers: 88 Models: 74

Lazar Savic

Vancouver, Canada
Followers: 4 Models: 2


Sur la butte, Canada
Followers: 6 Models: 18

nima bigdeli

Toronto, Canada
Followers: 108 Models: 41

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