Aitor Amigo

Valencia, Spain
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Malaga, Spain
"Less is more" / "God is in the details" (Ludwig Mies van der Rohe)
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Antonio DBG

Madrid, Spain
To imagine is the best way to create the future
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Zarautz, Spain
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Víctor Monzón

Zaragoza, Spain
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Xavier Pagà

Barcelona, Spain
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Michel Gutierrez

Algeciras, Spain
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Francisco J. Erenas Rivas

Gijón - Asturias, Spain
To infinity and beyond...
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Álvaro Arrescurrenaga Sánchez

Granada, Spain
I would like to share all the things I do at the university and and things I do on my own
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Roc Piñol

Girona, Spain
Mechanical, Mechanical engineering, student, GEM
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...cuanto más sé, menos sepo...
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