ChamRoeun junior

Phnom Penh, Cambodia
I'm a Product designer at Arrowdot company co ltd ,Cambodia .
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Ilirjan Leci

The highest ideals are human intelligence, freedom,creativity and love. Respect these above all.
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PLM Technology

Kolbotn, Norway
High-end software solutions and education for design, engineering and manufacturing
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Trifon-Ioannis Lampropoulos (Τρύφων - Ιωάννης Λαμπρόπουλος)

Athens, Attiki, Greece
The hellenic way of engineering: "αιέν αριστεύειν και υπείροχον έμμεναι άλλων"
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Varvara Tsatsou

Athens, Attiki, Greece
Taught 3D Design and guided by my mentor
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Alexander Papadopoulos

All your gear are belong to us.
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Tasos Lazaridis

Design is thinking made visible !
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Raed Nihad

Hebron, Palestinian Authority
Mechanical Engineer / Production Manager/ Manufacturing Refrigerated trucks & Custom Built Trucks /Designer
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Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού
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Stefanidis Christos Georgios

Pireaus, Greece
Aεί ο θεός γεωμετρεί
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Magnus Skogsfjord

Oslo, Norway
Product Developer & CAD Enthusiast
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Chris Tziros

thessaloniki-kozani, Greece
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