Bhushan chougule

Design Engineer
Followers: 35 Models: 14

Ashish Agnihotri

jalandhar, India
This is Ashish Agnihotri im a Mechanical Engineering student. I pursuing my B.Tech from Lovely Professional University.
Followers: 49 Models: 27

Snehasis Chowdhury

Followers: 0 Models: 3

Aditya Upadhyay

Ujjain, India
Introduction? Don't you think it's too old-school?
Followers: 3 Models: 5

Jitesh Saini

Engineering = Science + Art + Common-sense (for sure)
Followers: 2 Models: 7

Ammar Ghori

Hyderabad, India
Mechanical Eng. student at JNTUH
Followers: 0 Models: 1

mahendra reddy

catia designer
Followers: 0 Models: 3

Er.Abhinay Mishra

Sr.Mechanical CAD Engineer
Followers: 12 Models: 24

Imran khan

Chennai, India
Yesterday, I couldn't spell Engineer, today I am one !
Followers: 296 Models: 71

Gurbaksh Singh (Techie Baksh)

Followers: 0 Models: 2

Pragnesh Patel (Kingcrusider)

Ahmedabad, India
Life #@$ No (Ctrl+Z)
Followers: 519 Models: 28

akshay baswa

Mumbai, India
I am enthusiastic Design Engineer having an intermediate level of Experience in 3d CAD and 2D Drafting.
Followers: 0 Models: 1