Lance Walton

United States
Everything is better when you're building
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Dick Lowe

Gloucester, MA, United States
I Love flattening the world out!
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Valentino Les

Oroslavje, Croatia
Be creative and inovative
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Slavonski Brod, Croatia
Homer Simpson: I am usually not a praying man, but if you are up there, please, save me, Superman!
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Zeljko Fabijanic

Rijeka, Croatia
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United States
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Stan Wile

United States
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Dr Lunin

Chesapeake, United States
Helped with gear design in 50 countires since 1986
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William Lulevitt

United States
Mechanical Engineer
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Nelson Brazeau

United States
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Andrei Rochian

Bucharest, Romania
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洛杉矶, United States
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