Andres Medina

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Industrial Designer
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charlie borg

burnley, United Kingdom
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UK, United Kingdom
To gaze upon something created by your own hands is reward enough.
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philippe cavalier

vienne, France
Dessiner est pour moi une maniére de me detendre - Drawing is a way for me to relax
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Kavian Niazi

United Kingdom
Kavian Niazi
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Paris, France
Indonesian, @Paris - Fr
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Zeljko Fabijanic

Rijeka, Croatia
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j t

Scientia vincere tenebras - Conquering darkness through science
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higher, till I touch the stars
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Pygarian Nox

United Kingdom
Don't think of CAD as Computer Aided Design for Engineering but more 'Create And Discover' to open your opportunities. Thanks to anyone who views these models and to the websites and people from which some of the drawings have been used.
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didier godefroy

Troyes, France
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max bracic

Ptuj, Slovenia
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