anup chauhan

Toronto, Canada
studies mechanical engineering and automobile engineering
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Jonathan Brazeau

Gatineau, Canada
Welcome to a whole new world of design
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James Subity

Leamington ON, Canada
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Justin Gadsby

Kitchener, Canada
Quality > Quantity
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Roger-Marie Couture

Alma, Québec, Canada
designer / sculpture sur neige / enseignes-signs / mecanics / visual arts
Followers: 86 Models: 135

Marcell Stoer

Scientist by day, hobbyist at night ...
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Mechanical Engineer
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endlessly creative
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Scott Glasgo

St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
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R Watt

London, Canada
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Ognian Kerelski

Toronto, Canada
Engineering is essential to our health, happiness and safety
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Michael Velasquez

Industrial Process Planner & Large Fabrication Estimator, Graduate: Mechanical Engineering Technology; Minor: Welding Techniques
Followers: 11 Models: 12