Jonathan Brazeau

Gatineau, Canada
Welcome to a whole new world of design
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James Subity

Leamington ON, Canada
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Michael Levesque, Dplm. ING, M.Sc. Eng., P.Des., CET, BCTE, SM-IEEE, SM-SMTA, OCA, CID, ME

Windsor, Ontario or Shanghai, China, Canada
AstralENERGY Renewables - The finest name in energy.
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Roger-Marie Couture

Alma, Québec, Canada
designer / sculpture sur neige / enseignes-signs / mecanics / visual arts
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Drummondville, Canada
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Gary Maltby

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Saad Abdo

Toronto, Canada
Engineering Drafting & Design – Solidworks/AutoCAD/Inventor
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Quebec, QC, Canada
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Michael Meng

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Steve Montero

Pro-E WF-5 & Solidworks user
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Ognian Kerelski

Toronto, Canada
Engineering is essential to our health, happiness and safety
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Simon M

Québec, Canada
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