Dave Goetsch

Huntington Beach, California~Surf City USA, United States
Master of Illusion
Followers: 206 Models: 46

Derek Heming

Sunnyvale, CA, United States
Followers: 23 Models: 47

Chris Shakal

United States
Aspiring Aerospace Engineer
Followers: 493 Models: 32


Denver, Colorado, United States
Senior Designer
Followers: 91 Models: 94


DC, United States
Followers: 1010 Models: 132

Brad Perek

United States
Followers: 173 Models: 36

Greg Pavlik

Los Angeles, United States
Followers: 307 Models: 164

Dr Lunin

Chesapeake, United States
Helped with gear design in 50 countires since 1986
Followers: 66 Models: 18

Morten Nielsen

Followers: 30 Models: 40

Krista Casal

Portland OR, United States
Followers: 274 Models: 85

Ken Schulze

Santa Cruz, United States
Mechanical & Aerodymanics Engineer. Enjoy designing in SolidWorks. Taught advanced Industrial design classes at San Jose State University
Followers: 192 Models: 36

Ben Casto

Charlottesville, VA, United States
Microelectronics Technician
Followers: 38 Models: 13