Reno, nv, United States
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Alan Bullick

Dallas, United States
If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, then a model is worth 10,000...
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Ryan Daniels

United States
I am a design/controls engineer in the metal forming industry.
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Krishna Sindhuja Kanduri

Detroit, United States
CAD. CAE. FEA. Mechanical Engineer
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United States
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Adam Joules

United States
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Kevin Wright

Bellingham, Washington, United States
Designer/Inventor/Architecture/Engineering (FREELANCE)
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Mechanical Vegan

United States
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David Aliberti

Pittsburgh, United States
Source Design International LLC
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Larod Tucker

United States
I have vision, if nothing else...
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Stanley Ossyra

United States
Breaking into the engineering field, one top secret research facility at a time.
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Edward Braiman

United States
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